Technical Reports and White Papers

It's not easy to present technical information in plain language, but that's what your technical reports and white papers have to do. Readers depend on these documents for understandable information about your results and findings. Your technical documents must be clear and well-organized so that people can understand your meaning.

Because technical employees are close to the subject, it often makes sense for them to draft technical reports and white papers. However, being so close to the subject makes it difficult to see things from the reader's perspective. You have to keep the reader's needs in mind to produce technical reports and white papers for a non-expert audience. Also, your technical employees may not be able to spend the time needed to develop and polish these important documents so they are clear, concise, and well-organized.

I can work from notes, outlines, and drafts to write complete technical reports and white papers. I can also edit reports and white papers that your technical employees write to:

  • Check spelling, grammar, and sentence construction.
  • Clarify meaning, simplify text, and improve organization.
  • Point out gaps in logic and missing information.
  • Apply a consistent voice throughout the document.
  • Use clean, attractive formatting that makes documents easier to read.

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