Problems with your technical documents? I can help.

API and Developer Documentation

Are you using automatic generation tools for your API docs? I can help you get set up and make sure that your docs help developers understand what your API can do and how they can use it.

Project and Team Documentation

Code lasts longer than developers. I can write project documentation that protects your progress and helps your team stay productive when someone leaves or comes on board.

User Support Documentation

Does your user support team need some support? I can write knowledge base articles, installation guides, and update and release notes that help your team help your users.

Documentation Planning and Development

If you don't have a documentation plan, you may not know what documents you have or where to find them. I'll develop a plan to help you document the right information and find it when you need it.

Technical Reports and White Papers

Technical employees aren't always the right folks to write for non-expert readers. I can write and polish reports and white papers that are clear and understandable for non-expert audiences.

Procedures and Checklists

Anything you're going to do two or more times should be documented. I can write clear, complete procedures and checklists that help people perform jobs safely and consistently.